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Me And You ~ Alexia

Song Lyrics Number One ~ Alexia
I wanna hold you baby
I wanna hold you
Never be lonely with me by your side
Say that you want me baby
I got the things you've needed to get by
I wish you love me too

This time you promise and look into my eyes
I can give you lovin' baby
Show me the way to make you feel all right
Falling in love to you

I wanna be your number one
Nobody else tonight
You gonna be my crazy love
I'll never let you down

I don't wanna loose you
I know you'll never gonna break my heart
Say that you want me baby
I got the things you've needed to get by
Falling in love again

I wanna be your number one...2x

I wanna be your number one
La la la la la la
I wanna be your number one
La la la la la

I wanna be your number one...2x

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Alexia ALEXIA is one of my favorite top euro-dance artists. Since the times with ICE MC, she had one of the best voices in the business...and still does! Pouring out hits, like the breakthrough hit, ME AND YOU, that came out in 1995. The song, which included the background vocals of DOUBLE YOU, became a hit in 1996. After releasing her first album, Fun Club, as a soloist straight out from the ICE MC era, three single hits accompanied the success of ME AND YOU...SUMMER IS CRAZY, NUMBER ONE, and UH LA LA LA. Plus there are others that I personally like, VIRTUAL REALITY is one. I hope she continues solo recordings of her awesome voice accompanied by danceable euro beats and extend her list of hits. Her latest album, THE PARTY, illustrates the different varieties of music that Alexia can perform flawlessly. Here is an excerpt quoted from Alexia out of the DWA Recordings Site...

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Funclub - 1997
  1. Uh La La La (3:44)
  2. Number One (3:46)
  3. Virtual Reality (4:11)
  4. Because I Miss You (3:58)
  5. Summer is Crazy (4:20)
  6. Another Way (3:53)
  7. Me and You (4:05)
  8. Hold On (3:48)
  9. Looking for My Baby (3:23)
  10. Beat of the Night (3:48)
  11. Number One (Spanish Version) (3:42)
  12. Make You Happy (3:23)
The Party - 1998
  1. Uh La La La
  2. Gimme Love
  3. Music I Like
  4. Keep On Movin'
  5. Bad Boy
  6. Crazy For You
  7. Claro De Luna
  8. Feelings
  9. Everyday
  10. I Love My Boy
  11. Don't Love My Baby
  12. If You Say Goodbye
  13. Dame Amor
  14. Number One

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