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Me And You ~ Alexia

Song Lyrics

Number One ~ Alexia

I wanna hold you baby
I wanna hold you
Never be lonely with me by your side
Say that you want me baby
I got the things you've needed to get by
I wish you love me too

This time you promise and look into my eyes
I can give you lovin' baby
Show me the way to make you feel all right
Falling in love to you

I wanna be your number one
Nobody else tonight
You gonna be my crazy love
I'll never let you down

I don't wanna loose you
I know you'll never gonna break my heart
Say that you want me baby
I got the things you've needed to get by
Falling in love again

I wanna be your number one...2x

I wanna be your number one
La la la la la la
I wanna be your number one
La la la la la

I wanna be your number one...2x


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ALEXIA is one of my favorite top euro-dance astists. Since the times with ICE MC, she had one of the best voices in the business...and still does. Pouring out hits, like the breakthrough hit, ME AND YOU, that came out in 1995. The song, which included the background vocals of DOUBLE YOU, became a hit in 1996. After releasing her first album as a soloist, out from the ICE MC era, three single hits accompanied the success of ME AND YOU... SUMMER IS CRAZY, NUMBER ONE, and UH LA LA LA. Plus there are others that I personally like, VIRTUAL REALITY is one. I hope she continues solo recordings of her awesome voice accompanied by danceable euro beats and extend her list of hits. Here is an excerpt quoted from Alexia out of the DWA Recordings Site...

My friends, my name is Alexia. I was born in La Spezia (Italy) on 19/05/67, under the sign of Taurus. Since I was a child, I have always been very fond of singing and music. For this reason my parents decided to allow me to compete in singing contests, often in my own town. In this way my story began. When I was in my teens, I started associating with a very popular musical group in La Spezia, "I ragazzi di migliarina", with whom I stayed for many years, getting my first experiences on stage. So, always singing, I reached 1985, the year of my eighteenth birthday and the last year of high school. As soon as I was free from my school exams, I dedicated myself to singing again. I spent many of those summer evenings in that way. Not much time passed before I was invited to join a band working in discos. This was the start of my professional career. My "culture" of Italian discos became deeper and deeper, but I never forgot to study music and opera singing. I also formed a group "Brother Machine", which has left me with wonderful memories. In that period I started frequenting some important recording studios, among which that of Roberto Zanetti, my producer. My great turning-point arrived in 1991, when I became the vocalist of "Ice MC". Together with the group I toured all around the world, singing great international hits. Can you remember? I'm talking about "Think About The Way", "It's A Rainy Day" and "Take Away The Colour". This job was very important for me and I liked it very much, because it gave me the opportunity of visiting many foreign countries. In the meantime, I never abandoned my great project: to compose my own songs. At last that day arrived, after a lot of hard work, at the end of summer 1995. My first single "Me And You" gave me the possibility of performing in an important tv show. After this first success, "Summer Is Crazy" and "Number One" followed. These allowed me to be a guest performer in many Italian and foreign discos.
I still love this job very much, even if it is really tiring. But i'm not alone. In fact, two nice guys accompany me on stage. They are Giancarlo and Manuel, my dancers. And now I want to reveal my hopes for the future! My greatest wish is to interpret melodic songs, one of these days, like those by Whitney Houston, whom I adore listening to. I am also crazy about Warren G., TLC, Jamiroquai and Jovanotti (I like his simplicity and sensitivity). I started listening to music very early, so I also like old rock/pop groups, such as Deep Purple and Queen. Thinking about Queen, I think that their leader, Freddy Mercury, was one of the best singers I have ever heard.
You'll have understood that I am so fond of music that I like to follow it in the other arts, too. Have you ever seen films such as "Sister Act 1" and "Sister Act 2"? And "New York New York"? And "Amadeus"? I have seen them so many times that I can't remember the exact number! In the cinema I have my favourites, too: Whoopy Goldberg ("Sister Act") and Robert De Niro. But that is not all! Also among the new generation (by now already stars) there are so many good actors. Who doesn't remember Winona Rider ("Dracula") and the beautiful Johnny Depp and Keanu Reeves? I love to spend my spare time watching my favourite films over and over again. But I also like aerobics, jogging and body building. Sport helps me to keep in shape both mentally and physically. I never miss the opportunity of doing some stretching, wherever I am, even in my hotel room! When I have time (not very often), I like cooking. Since I am very fond of oriental food, my favourite recipes are some Chinese and Thai specialities. But I think that italian cooking is the best in the world! In fact I am crazy about pizza!!!!!!! Joking apart, if you wish to know something else about me, I can go on........ For example my favourite colour is sea-water green. It gives me a sense of freshness! My favourite clothes are: track suits and when it comes to shoes: caterpillar boots and nikes.
I adore cats. I have three: chicca, vicky and mina, and we share a fabulous relationship. My nature is very similar to theirs! Regarding my private life I have not much to say. Some day I would like to have a big family, because children are marvellous. Or rather I would like to adopt a foreign child, maybe Brazilian, because I have seen them and understand their urgent need of help. Yes, I am a good-hearted, sensitive and sensible girl! Among my most treasured memories is my father, Agostino, who has left me a great spiritual and interior wealth. Then, my first day at school, my first party at a friend's home, the day when my father gave me my first car: an orange-coloured Citroen Dyane! And when I passed my final exam at the conservatoire. Of course I also have memories of my work, too. I shall never forget my first experience at festivalbar! My most frequent nightmares are those in which I lose my voice in front of thousands of people, or of falling down cliffs and ravines, but they only happen when I eat too much! I love meeting up with my old friends, because together we have so many pleasant memories. I also love to stay awake during the night, writing my songs! I get my inspiration from my life and feelings, which makes the songs more real. Ciao and see you soon!